Selected Writings


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As he approaches me & unfolds
dissolving as I disarm him
that is when I know his nature
Like Birbal’s trick to find out
the court polyglot’s mother tongue
When he calls out in his real voice
I know the him he can never escape,
Is too afraid to show in other lights
But seen through this prism he is caught
and if he pulls away after, ignoring me,
 it is because he is scared and hates

what he knows I truly saw

 -SPC, 5/13



The irresistible urge to scratch the itch
The lack of impulse control so complete
As we reopen the old scab, irritate it anew.
Asking for something more that is deeper
Built upon shared trust and understanding.
Couldn’t he love me the way I wanted?
Shouldn’t it be much easier than this?
A strong woman warrior descended from
A long line of fighters, scholars, merchants
Becomes weak when the heart is wronged.
The reason I know the truth of the nature
Of man is because I’ve seen into his soul.
I’ve made him laugh and cry and tell me
His real name, show me his real face and
Then his fear is overwhelming, the shame
Because the Earth Mother is far stronger
Than Father Sky, she came first and last.
The only real power is in yielding to her,
The truest soldier of them all that fights
Not for victory but for wisdom and peace.
Hari Om Jai Ma Ah Ho!!!

 -SPC, 4/17